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Institutional Investor Membership groups bring together senior executives in investment management, finance and business at Roundtable meetings so they can meet each other, discuss critical industry issues and, in some of the groups, market their services to major clients. The Membership Roundtables explore many of the same issues covered in the Institutional Investor's print media in a live, interactive setting.

The informal, discussion group format of the Roundtables creates unique opportunities for Senior Delegates of each of the Membership groups to meet with their peers and expert speakers for frank exchange of views. Through long-lasting relationships developed in these groups, Delegates enjoy a trust and camaraderie as valuable as the specific insights they glean from the Roundtables.

The Membership groups are truly global, both in location and in the issues they address. A membership on one continent may have a counterpart membership group on one or two other continents, as is the case with CEOs of asset management firms and senior officials in securities trading and fixed income money management. These "sister" Memberships often have joint meetings and share similar issues and concerns. Similarly, while each of the Membership groups focuses on the major industry issues facing its region of the world, they also address the global reality of expanding marketplaces.